2 Dec

Hello.  My name is Amy, and I love to eat.  I love to eat even more than I love to cook, which is a lot.  And the best way to make sure you get to eat lots of the food you love is to learn how to cook it yourself!  I want to share my enjoyment of cooking with whoever wants to read about it.  I am 24 years old and still learning myself, so bear with me.  I may be young, but I’m not afraid to try new things in the kitchen.  Growing up I was a pretty picky eater, but once I got into late high school and college I guess I grew out of that.   With my new culinary adventurousness came a new-found love of cooking.  I always used to bake, but it wasn’t until college that I really started to cook

I’m a self-taught cook, though I would of course love to go to culinary school one day.  I’ve learned all I know through reading, watching cooking shows and watching others in the kitchen.  Most importantly, I’ve learned by TRYING.  Nothing will teach you more about cooking than getting in the kitchen and giving it the old college try.   Don’t be afraid, there will be a few disasters, but those are the funny stories (like when I realized I forgot to put eggs in some brownies once they were already in the oven, proceeded to take the batter out of the oven, mix in the eggs and call it a day – it’s fineeeee).  There are just a few basics you need to get going in the kitchen:

1. The appropriate kitchen tools/supplies

2. A pantry stocked with basics

3. Some basic knife skills

4. Inspiration

…. I will write a separate post about each of these – because each point deserves some more tips and elaboration.

One of the most important things I have realized in cooking is that a recipe is just the beginning.  Adjust everything to your taste.  Use it as a starting point, not as the final say.  The same cannot really be said for baking though – which is a science – and everything is there in a certain amount for a certain reason (as a Food Scientist by training I respect the laws of baking).  I still love to bake, but cooking is just that much more fun because there is no right and wrong.  So use my recipes as a base and adapt them as you want.  I will try to suggest alternatives and ideas with all my recipes so you can develop your own! 

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to start sharing recipes and ideas with you!

One Response to “Introduction”

  1. Slamdunk December 5, 2011 at 1:21 am #

    My cooking talents are limited to grilled cheese and such.

    Glad you are better off Amy, and I hope your new blog goes well.

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