Did you know? Fixing Smelly Garlic Hands

21 Feb

Have you ever noticed how chopping garlic and onions can make your hands reek for hours?  I hate that!  I think I’m particularly paranoid about it, so the tip of the day is how to fix it!

Just use one of these to wash your hands:

…It’s a stainless steel bar of soap!  They’re inexpensive, and when used like a normal bar of soap, completely eliminate odors from your hands.  They’re available at cooking stores or from Amazon (like this one).

If you don’t want to buy one like that, you can actually use any piece of stainless steel in your kitchen and just rub your hands against it (like your knife or sink faucet – just be careful with the knife option! ha).

Hooray for no more stinky garlic hands!  Now only if it worked for garlic breath…….. hmmm.

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