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Did you know? How to keep cookies fresh

1 Mar

Don’t you just hate how fast fresh-baked cookies seem to get stale?  Timely with my recent post about Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies, I thought I would post about a few secrets I’ve learned to keep them fresh, soft and not stale.

Here are a few secrets that I’ve learned to keep cookies tasting fresh:

  • Always keep cookies in a container (like Tupperware) with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Store cookies with a piece of bread!  The moisture from the piece of bread will help keep the cookies soft, moist and fresh (if you don’t want to waste a piece of bread, use the ends of the loaf that no one ever seems to want to eat anyway!)   Change the piece of bread every other day, or when it feels dry.
  • Freeze them!  Did you know that cookies freeze very well?  I didn’t know this until a few years ago.  Again, wrap them well and put them in a container with a good lid to keep them fresh for much longer in the freezer!  All the cookies I made around Christmas time stayed fresh for about 2 weeks because I kept them either in the freezer or in the garage (which hovers at a temperature just above freezing at this time of year!).

And if you want more cookie advice, this is a great article from Good Housekeeping on all your cookie baking questions!